Fitness Photo Shoot - Your Questions Answered!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying what's left of the long evenings?

Last month was such a busy month for me, there was a lot going on...birthday celebrations, travel and a fitness photo shoot!! Yes, I did a fitness shoot! After the shoot I posted my before and after pictures and a picture from the photo shoot on a couple of my social media accounts and straight away I had a lot of questions from you guys! So I decided to compile a blog post with answers to some of the questions I was asked.

Just to be clear, I am in no way a fitness expert and I am not claiming to be!! After seeing the results I achieved in just over an 8 week period a lot of you said you would be interested in this type of blog post.

Before and After!

Before and After!

  • What gym do you go to and who is your trainer?

I go to Maximum Results , in Galway City. My trainer is Max Lauth, he is also the owner of the gym but my trainer during the photo shoot prep was Cathal from Savage Fitness. He was working in Maximum Results at the time. 

  •  How often do you train and How long have you been training for?

Usually I train 5 days a week, 4 sessions at home and 1 at the gym.

I have been going to Maximum Results since January 2016 and before that I did absolutely no exercise whatsoever and I mean never! I was always naturally slim but having three pregnancies pretty much one after the other took its toll on me. I never watched what I ate so I had gained weight during each pregnancy which I never bothered doing anything about in between pregnancies because I was too exhausted mentally and physically. About 5 months after having Charlotte I was feeling pretty low about everything so I decided that I needed to do something about it, that's when I messaged Max (my husband had been going to Max since I was pregnant on my first over 5 years ago so from his results I knew Max was good) and we got started. To be honest I never thought I would last, I thought I would hate the gym so I was really surprised at how much I loved it. It also helped that I lost 20 Ibs in my first 9 weeks with Max so that was motivation enough for me.

  •  How do you find the time with three small kids and a new business?

I make the time!! When I train at home I usually train in the morning when my youngest Charlotte goes down for her nap. When I train at the gym it is late in the evening so all three are already in bed before I leave.

  • You don't look like you need to loose weight, why do you train so much?

For my sanity mostly!! For me it is not about being skinny or loosing weight anymore, it is about being strong physically and mentally and if a toned body is part of that process well I'll gladly take it!  My workout is pretty much the only me time I get so it has become something I look forward to and enjoy doing..two years ago I never would have said that! 

  • Do you do cardio or strength training?

I do a mix of both but more strength as I am not a lover of cardio at all! For the photo shoot I had to up my cardio so that was tough for me!

  • How do you stay motivated?

Honestly it is hard to stay motivated, from January to April of this year I had no motivation at all. I only worked out once a week and I was eating everything so I put on a lot of the weight I had lost the year before. My skin was terrible and I felt like crap. When Cathal asked me to do the photo shoot I was delighted as I knew it would give me my motivation back. It did and I worked my butt off for just over 8 weeks until the photo shoot. Since the photo shoot my motivation has been up and down but thankfully at the minute it is back. I need to have something to aim for so I set myself goals, I 100% recommend goal setting as a way to stay motivated. 

  • What do you take pre and post workout?

Pre workout I have an apple and 2 squares of 85% dark chocolate. Post workout I have a banana and a protein shake. 

  • Do you take any supplements?

Yes, at the moment I am taking a multivitamin called Centrum for Women. I also take Genetic Supplements Green Tea. 

  • Do you have cheat meals/day?

Ah do you even know me?? :) :) Of course I do, I am an absolute chocoholic so I have to or I wont stay motivated. It's something I really look forward to. I usually pick one day each week where I can have whatever kind of dinner I like and then something nice that evening. I am also addicted to Haribo so I have a couple of them most days. It's about what works best for you and what will keep you motivated.

  • How do you manage cravings?

I don't really get cravings too bad but Magnesium tablets were recommended to me, apparently they can help with chocolate cravings.

  • Were you nervous coming up to or during your photo shoot?

Yes and No! I wasn't nervous about the actual photo shoot or being in front of the camera but I suppose I was nervous about the pictures being good enough and even though I knew I worked my ass off for the 8 weeks coming up to the photo shoot I still couldn't help but worry.

  • Where did you get the outfits you wore for your photo shoot ?

I will cover all of what i wore in a separate post including my hair, tan and makeup! 

Photo Cred: Bigbeet Visual- Thomás Walsh

Photo Cred: Bigbeet Visual- Thomás Walsh

Photo Cred: Bigbeet Visual- Thomás Walsh

Photo Cred: Bigbeet Visual- Thomás Walsh

If any of you are thinking about doing a photo shoot for whatever reason, GO FOR IT! It is such a fun experience and all the sweat and hard work will be worth it in the end! Never in my life did I imagine I would be doing a fitness photo shoot but here I am now writing about it! 

I hope this has answered all of your questions but if not ask away!

Lots of Love 

Donna xoxo