The Donna Lace and Ladder Dress - How I wore It...

Hi Everyone,

I absolutely love our Donna lace and ladder dress!!

I knew we had a trip to London coming up when the stock arrived and I thought it would be perfect to wear out on the Saturday night when we were over so I put one away for myself!

I had originally planned to wear it with black barely there heels but when we landed in London it was so cold, luckily I brought my black over the knee boots with me because on the Saturday it actually snowed!! I went into Primark and got myself black opaque tights to wear aswell and I was so happy I did because it was freezing! 

The ladder bit on this dress is actually see through so just be aware of that and have some nice underwear to go with it! I went with black as I personally think that black is best with it and I had tights on so I didnt have to worry too much (Iv had 3 babies within 3 yrs so sometimes I can be a small bit self concious).

Get yours now!!

Donna Lace and Ladder Detail Mini Dress
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