Boss Lady...Phoebe McVey, Gorgeous Locks

Hi Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago I posted the first post from my new blog series all about other women in business aka Boss Ladies (you can read it here) with the hope that some of you may be inspired to go ahead and follow your own dreams. The feedback has been amazing, I am so happy that so many of you love these kind of posts :)

So, next up is the stunning Phoebe McVey, owner of Gorgeous Locks hair salon and all round super lady!


Tell me about yourself and your business? 

I set up Gorgeous Locks around 6 years ago as a free lance hairdresser. I did my first hair extension course 7 years ago and since then I have trained with Ceira Lambert, Great Lengths and Gold Fever. The salon keeps getting busier and busier. I'm so grateful for how everything has unfolded for us. We opened up our first salon last year and already we have won The Irish Hair and Beauty Award for Best extensions and we now have a team of 6 in the salon

How do you organise your time? 

My life is pretty hectic I have two small kids, a business and I train around 5 nights a week so if I'm not organised I'm screwed. I just get up and do it, we are up every morning at 7, I have my meal prepped the night before and off we go.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone setting up a business what would it be? 

It's going to be a lot of hard work especially if you have kids, some nights we don't leave work till 9 or 10 and then do it all over again the next day. I'm lucky I have staff and at the moment I do 4 days but before I had help myself and Ismay done it all alone. It was overwhelming and many times I nearly gave it all up but you have to keep grinding, nothing in life comes easy

What motivates you? 

My boys motivate me. I feel since I have had my kids I'm more determined to succeed. I don't let tiredness or anything get in my way. I want them to have a better childhood then me and i know they will get it, I'm one stubborn cookie and I don't give up ;)

What has been your biggest achievement so far? 

In work, the salon and winning Irish Hair and Beauty Awards for Best Extensions. I still can't believe we won and feel so grateful every time I see our award.
Outside of work, I have competed in 6 Bodybuilding shows. I have won 3 of them with 2 of those 3 being overall wins and I also placed 8th at the European championships in 2012 out of 40 girls. I still can't believe I'v done all those shows and done so well.  I'm a big believer in you can get what you want if you work hard and have tunnel vision on your goals

What is your favourite quote? 

I actually have my favourite quote tattooed in Sanskrit down my neck
"All that you think you become" 

What do you love about your job?

Meeting new people everyday and having the lols with the girls. We have such an amazing team working with us and the salon wouldn't be anything without them and all our clients who travel from all over Ireland to see us.

What do you read? 

I'm terrible, I haven't read a book in years. I really have no time so i think that's a good enough excuse!
I have the book "Power" spin off from "The Secret" and I flick at that now and again. I bought "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" for my holiday in August but we had the two boys to be running around after so I didn't get to have a glance at it  

How would your friends and family describe you? 

Well my family would call me a bitch :) :) in a nice way of course!
They would call me hard working, kind, generous and of course busy :)

What is your favourite piece of clothing? 

Leggings, leggings and more leggings. When I'm off work I'll be in gym gear, love my cosy clothes.


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this blog post and like Phoebe said it's hard work but keep grinding, nothing in life comes easy!

You can find out more about Gorgeous Locks and their services here.

Lot's of Love,

Donna xoxo